Your teeth are so important to your wellbeing and quality of life; just ask somebody who doesn’t have any, they will tell you how much they miss them.

At Moira Cosmetic Dental Surgery we want you to understand all about your teeth, how to keep them healthy and your options when you need to treat them. NHS dentistry has left a legacy were patients believe they are coming to the surgery so the dentist can check if they need fillings, or even worse they are coming to the dentist because their tooth is sore. Here at Moira Cosmetic Dental Surgery there are 35 different things we look for in a dental health examination and we can provide you with a written report for your reference.

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Some Help?

We have a very friendly team who are here to help with any questions you have. Please feel free to pop in and have a chat to us.


We have a fully digital x-ray system this means we can take x-rays with very little radiation exposure and develop them to deal with the results instantly.

We also have a digital OPG machine which we use for assessment for Implant and Orthodontic treatment, it too emits significantly less radiation than the traditional machine, this is great, especially as we use it to diagnose orthodontic cases and our teenagers and young people benefit from this. We use a device called Pro taper for all our private root canals providing an all round better procedure, using this device creates consistently better results and helps speed up this infamous lengthy procedure.

Dr. Bingham’s surgery has a heater that heats up the local anesthetic before we administer it this makes the injection more comfortable, Dr Bingham’s patients also benefit from luke warm water when they rinse out after having their teeth scale, this limits sensitivity directly after this procedure.

Happy Patient

I was really pleased with the treatment by all the staff- Derek is great, a perfectionist at what he does – it’s good the way he explains what he is doing, I found the reception team excellent- friendly yet professional