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Despite teaching basic medical sciences to undergraduate dental students I have a rather illogical fear of dentists. Once I finally acknowledged that I really did need to get my tooth filled after ten years of avoidance I was quickly able to identify a dental practise that had a reputation for quality. Identifying Dr Bingham’s practice was not difficult as soon as I asked my work colleagues for their recommendations; the phone number for Moira's Cosmetic dental practice was immediately placed in my hands! I can categorically state that Dr Bingham and his team are unsurpassed. I am involved in dental teaching and thus am aware of guidelines from the General Dental Council, in my opinion; Dr Bingham’s business is a perfect exemplar of the high standards of health care, professionalism and dedication to patient care that all health care workers should aspire to.  The reception area is warm and friendly with professional and competent staff. I was immediately reassured by the wondering practise manager Naomi and I cannot speak more highly of Dr Bingham. I thoroughly recommend him and his staff, the service places a huge emphasis on patient care and I was fully informed in a clear and non technical way of what procedures needed to be carried out, and also attention was paid to my aftercare, including a personal phone call from Dr Bingham on a Sunday night which I felt was extremely thoughtful. I have attended the practice twice and already I know that I will be a life-long patient.        

Aisling, Belfast

The Dental Team (Derek included) are definitely interested in me as a person and are super at delivering the best dental care to me- everyone is very professional and answers any quires or anxieties I may have.         

Helen, Moira

....The reception team were always pleasant and helpful, keen to know how my treatment was going.  I was really delighted when my temporaries were fitted, they were far nicer than I ever thought my teeth would be and I knew the real thing would be even better!  I found the treatment long but I always knew what to expect from each session which made it easier to get through the times when there was a lot of work photos etc.  The results of my treatment are better than I ever imagined! I’m so happy with my smile now; I don’t have to worry about having my photograph taken.  I just want to say a big thank you again to Derek, Naomi and everyone in the team.  I have been really uncomfortable going to the dentist since I had my bridge fitted as a teenager but now know I have a dentist I can trust.  It has spurred me on to have work done on my lower teeth in the next couple of years, once my bank balance has recovered from my wedding!        

Julia, Moira


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